Imidazoline Essay

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Present there is an enormous deal of scientific attention in the field of Imidazoline derivatives. Imidazoline is a Nitrogen compound and it can be utilized in organic dyes as nitrogenous electron donors since it introduces additional electron donors at position 2. Because of high molar extinction coefficient Imidazoline and other molecular structures containing nitrogen developed as metal free organic dyes. Usually, metal-free organic dyes have the apparent molecular structure of the electron donor element and the acceptor element connected by the conjugated chain (D– π–A). 2-imidazoline is a one of the isomer derived from the imidazole. Imidazoline derivatives are pharmaceutically and biologically very significant. Imidazolines exhibit major pharmacological and biological activities such as antidepressive [1], antihyperglycemic [2] , antihypercholesterolemic[3], anti-inflammatory[4] and antihypertensive[5].The drug clonidine containing Imidazoline is used independently…show more content…
Imidazoline and its derivatives are important sort of inhibitors which could effectively inhibit corrosion of carbon steel against CO2 and H2S [6, 7]. Recently C.D Contreras [8] was reported the structural and vibrational analyses of 2-(2-benzofuranyl)-2-imidazoline. The purpose of this study is to obtain the theoretical information about the molecular structure and electronic parameters of 2-phenyl-2-imidazoline.Density functional theory has been adopted for the precise study of the molecular geometry and electronic distribution. Here we study the experimental and theoretical study of the 2-phenyl-2-imidazoline for the first
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