Immigrants From The Southern And Eastern Europe

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From the 1900s, the Progressive Era had new immigrants from the Southern and Eastern Europe. Between the years of 1900 and 1930, one million immigrants who were Mexican migrated for economic opportunities. It was near the year of the great depression which started in 1929. This led the American dream for many immigrants who were looking for jobs and starting a new life. According to Eric Foner “ Voices of Freedom” , page 73, when sociologist Manuel Gamio managed interviews of Mexican-American immigrants in Los Angeles. He decided to report about the Santella family, one better off and “whiter” than most Mexican immigrants. The information he obtained were from conversations and observing the family. This gave some idea on why American freedom has inspired many immigrant families. The Santella family was a total of 9, Mr. Santella and his wife and 5 boys and 2 girls. They lived in San Pedro street which was located in San Antonio, Texas. It was the wealthiest class of the Mexican colony. It was considered the “high society” which was made up of persons of the working class. After five years the family started to talk English and the exceptions were from the Father and Mother. Manuel Gamio judgest the family saying that they are white because of their grandparents ethnicity of the father were French and the mother was Spaniards. Two of the sisters are blondes and the others are brunettes; the brothers are dark. The father one day was tired of continuously
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