Immigration And Immigration

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“What I am doing is good for the United State, it’s also going to be good for Mexico” said president Donald Trump during an interview with ABC News corresponding to the wall that he wants to build between United State and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants, weapons and drug cross the borders without been detected. Consequently, decrease the percentage of drugs, weapons, and people that cross the borders, improve the economic and safeness of the country. This event is not the first time that comes out in the world history. In 2012, Greece and Turkey build a fence of 12.5 km. In 2015, Estonia and Russia build a wall to protect the Schengen zone. President Trump promises an “impenetrable, physical tall, powerful, beautiful” wall according to …show more content…

Every day hundreds of people try to pass the wall, fence and/ or drones across the borders illegally by hiding inside cars or running through rivers and/ or even worse trying to cross the desert in Arizona risking their lives. This methods and actions had increased the percentages of deaths since there so many factors that it’s almost impossible. For example, the Sonora desert between Arizona and Mexico. This desert is so dry, big, without any kind of food or water which made it very hard to survive. According to with an article in U.S. news, Republican Beto O’Rourke-"It's logical to assume that if we continue to wall up, militarize and fortify the border, we're going to push those fewer and fewer migrants who choose to cross into more treacherous territory, thereby ensuring greater death and suffering”-. Besides, migration deaths, the wall and/ or fence made a huge impact on the environment. According to with Time news “On the U.S.-Mexico border, the 15-foot-high wire-mesh fence has been acting like a dam, blocking the natural flow of flood water, which in turn disrupts plant life at a UNESCO biosphere reserve in southwestern Arizona, known as Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. This problem would lead to many consequences as climate change and even the extinction of some species because they couldn’t reproduce, find food or water or

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