Immigration And Immigration

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Disputes has sparked between the correlation of citizens and crime due to the statement made by President Donald J. Trump. There has been a bias belief that immigrants have came to America and have consumed all the jobs and create a terror in society. There is a negative bias towards the immigrants due to the severity of crimes committed. Due to the negative bias, immigrants are deemed to increase the danger to national security and public safety. There is a large disparity between the total number of immigrants compared to citizens so crime rates are used to compare.
Topic Sentence
There has been a major correlation between the rate of crime and citizens shown throughout the nation.
Thesis Statement
American citizens are more likely to commit crimes rather than both legal and illegal immigrants.
Argument #1
Immigrants do not increase the rate of crime in society and do not increase the danger to national security or public safety.
According to the studies on over 200 Metropolitan areas, immigrants committed less crimes on average compared to natural born citizens. One of the largest immigration populated city have one of the lowest average crime rates. This shows that allowing immigrants in the country does not increase the danger to national security or public safety. Studies at the University of California, Irvine, and Graham Ousey, College of William and Mary have also shown that high immigrant populated areas have lower rates of crime and violence. Since many

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