Immigration And Oppression : Illegal Immigrants Have Been Oppressed By The Government Essay

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Carlos Lopez
English 1A
Ms. Fullerton
Immigration and Oppression: In the United States of America (U.S), illegal immigrants have been oppressed by the government. The reason why they come to the U.S is for a better life, so they can live “ The American Dream.” However, illegal immigrants struggle to live a better life due to the fact that they have a lot of disadvantages such as finding medical help, jobs, and plenty of other resources that someone who’s not citizen aren’t able to have. The U.S is known as a country that gives people human rights no matter the situation they are living in which is clearly stated in The Constitution, however, for illegal immigrants, it is the opposite due to the fact that they live in fear. Some examples would have to be taken advantage by people, and oppressed by certain races/ groups. Therefore, the U.S Citizenships and Immigration services (USCIS) should give green cards to illegal immigrants who have not been convicted of a crime because they will no longer live in fear, be able to find better jobs to support their families financially, and will have opportunities of going to college. Illegal Immigrants are people from other countries such as Mexico, Latin Countries, and some countries in Asia (India, China, Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea) (Gibson) that migrate to another country for a better life. Immigrants come to the U.S to be someone, so that they can give their families a good life, and in general they believe that

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