Immigration And Poverty

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Immigration and Poverty in the United States

The United States of America is a nation of many immigrant people. People come from all over the world, leaving their homeland and sometimes leaving their loved ones to escape deep poverty and violence. When immigrants come to America, in their dreamland they face many problems such as language, education, employment, legal problems, housing, food, and health issues. Immigrants do all kinds of low-paying jobs. They clean houses for a living. Some immigrants come with very small businesses. Many immigrants contribute their skills, knowledge, and education to improve the U.S. economy. Immigrants have created a large percentage of many small businesses in the US. In the article, “Ten Ways Immigration Helps Build and Strengthen Our Economy,” authors Furman and Gray say that based on the small business administration, 30% of immigrants are business owners, of which 18% of all small business owners are in the United States ( Immigrants create jobs for many American people. According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, small businesses owned by immigrants have employed about 4.7 million people in 2007. Based on the most recent information, small businesses generated more than 776 billion dollars annually

( Compared to American people, immigrants tend to have their own jobs and most are self-employed. Immigrants have always been vital assets to the U.S. economy. Many of the immigrants

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