Immigration And The American Culture

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For years there has been controversy about how immigrants should assimilate in America. In the past, new incoming immigrants integrated themselves into the American Society based on what they believed the American culture and customs were. Sometimes they chose not to practice them because they were against their own personal beliefs (Zunz, Bodnar, and Thernstrom, p.53.). In recent arguments, some people believe that assimilation is achieved by adopting the American norms and language. While others believe immigrants should integrate their own customs and language into the American culture. These speculations have placed a dividing line in between how Americans feel immigrants should and should not assimilate. According to Rose Cuison Villazor, professor of Law at the University of California, adopting “whiteness” is the only way for immigrants to assimilate in America (par.5). Based upon her article, “How Race Can Preclude Acceptance for Immigrants”, she grudgingly forms her argument on the previous years of assimilation; when there were laws prohibiting the inclusion of other races if they were not deemed white. At that moment in time, people of color had to unwillingly adopt the ways of the “white” culture because Caucasians were the superior race. Now, America is one great “melting pot” and adopting “whiteness” is obsolete because there is an abundance of races, ethnicities, and customs in America to consider. Immigrants should assimilate with the American customs
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