Immigration : A Concept At Odds American Culture

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Immigration: A concept at odds in American Culture

On any given day, any media connected American will be bombarded by numerous views and commentaries on the immigration debate. On this Saturday morning, the 30th of January 2016, a perusal of CNN main homepage leads to 6 direct or indirect (political due to the upcoming election) references to the immigration debate. It is a hot topic in the media and it is a source of constant argument and rhetoric for and against with very little resolution or decisional procedure ever finalized.

In my opinion the real debate comes down to the base concept of legal immigration versus illegal immigration. In order to define legal immigration we have to accept that there are a few mutually agreed upon facts within our constitution. First our government has a mandatory requirement to keeps its citizens and the American “way”, safe, against all enemies foreign and domestic. In addition, article 1 of the constitution doesn’t include any power to restrict migration as such, even though it does include the power to make laws concerning the “naturalization” of foreigners and “regulate Commerce with foreign Nations.” The Naturalization Clause does not create a power to prevent foreigners from entering the country. It merely allows Congress to set conditions for the grant of citizenship. And finally there is a ton of “myths” concerning immigration versus illegal immigration that can be intellectually disputed and proven, but rarely are

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