Immigration Has Shaped America,But Now It'S Becoming Harder

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Immigration has shaped America,but now it 's becoming harder and harder to enter this country. With the growing threat that immigration is bad and that illegal immigrants are stealing American jobs, many people believe the laws need to be even more strict. With Donald Trump recently elected that may become a reality. Trump has said “I will build a great wall” and also “anyone who is in the United States Illegally is subject to deportation” (Brandner). While it is important that Illegal immigrants be dealt with not all of them are bad. Immigration has shaped the United States before and will continue to help The United States as long as people want to live here. Immigration has been a part of the United States since it was established in …show more content…

DACA is a program that allows young people from other countries to come live in the U.S with no risk of being deported. This program has helped “roughly 665,000 people” live in the U.S (Wolgin). Although it has become harder to live in the U.S many people still try and enter because they know America gives them an opportunity that no other country does. This is what continues to make America great. While a constant flow of people coming to America seems like a great idea to most, President-elect Trump thinks the U.S need to limit the people it let in. During his campaign he said he would repeal DACA and kick out all illegal immigrants. His thought process behind this is that it will free up jobs for Americans. Trump is right that it will free up jobs as roughly “8 million illegal immigrants currently have jobs”, but the issue is that Americans won’t have the proper training to take all of these jobs (Krogstad). This will lead to companies not producing what they should and being forced to lay off people. So overall by kicking out all immigrants Trump will be costing many Americans jobs and could lead to another depression. Another thing that Trump has said he will do is build a wall around the U.S and Mexico. This wall will cost millions, maybe even billions of dollars, yet Trump has not elaborated on how it will be paid for. He has said he will get Mexico to pay for it and that he has a plan to do it, but nobody knows what that is. This

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