Immigration Impact On The United States Economy. Introduction:

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Immigration Impact on The United States Economy Introduction: The United States of America, is built on immigration much of the progress of the country is because of it. Immigration is rapidly growing, as of 2014, 13% of the United States population are immigrants (The National Academic Press). Today, there’s so much opposition to immigration for reasons that aren’t concrete. Some Americans believe, immigrants are here to cause problems and steal their jobs. They believe that there aren’t enough jobs for everyone, and they are here to live off the government. However, many people choose to immigrate to the United States to achieve “The American Dream” as the United States is full of opportunities and resources to help them achieve their…show more content…
When it comes to low-skilled and illegal immigration have advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is the fact that they reduce the pricing of some services such as child care, housing cleaning, yard care and other services. They also ease the burden of U.S workers when the unemployment rate rises by doing seasonal work across the U.S. However, the disadvantages of low-skilled and illegal immigration are native-born workers face competition in the workplace and reduce the wages by 9%. Which in the long run is a disadvantage for low-skilled native workers. However, in the article “The Economic and Fiscal consequence of immigration”, by Francine D Balu and Christopher Mackie, when it comes to employment, it negatively affects both prior immigrants and low-skilled native workers. “When measured over a period of 10 years or more, the impact of immigration on the wages of natives overall is very small.” However, immigration does reduce the number of hours worked by native teens. First generation immigration has a negative impact on the state and local government budget, with an annual cost of $57.4 billion while second and third generation creates a benefit of 30.5 billion and 223.8 billion. Evidence suggests the overall effect of immigration is a positive contribution to the United Sates economy. Even though the first generation create a negative impact second and third
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