The Impact Of Immigration On The United States

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Immigration is a very broad topic, a topic that has been highly discussed in the past. However, what is the reason that most people think people migrate from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala? Most would say it is because of job opportunities that will better their families. Some say it is because of the higher rate of freedom in the United States. However, not many people look at the hard environments back in the homelands of the immigrants. Maybe a big reason for crossing the border is to escape the hostile situation that is at hand. The roots of this hostile environment are the gangs and cartels. Of course, there are problems of violence all around the world, but they are nothing compared to the impact these Central American groups bring to the table. This paper will discuss my thoughts on why this is an important topic, what is going on across the border and how it is effecting more than just the migrants, and finally my opinion of the situation at hand. To begin, I chose this topic because I believe it is something that has not been talked about much. I see it as a more sensitive topic to some, but I wanted to approach it head on. Most people know about cartels and gangs across the border, but because of the brutality and nature of the acts they are involved in, people tend not to discuss it. Considering that a majority of these leaders are “untouchable,” most see that there is nothing that can be done about it. I want to look into all the effects
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