Immigration Policy And The United States

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Madie Fletcher
SPEA V-160
Susan Siena
April 2nd, 2017
Immigration Policy This paper will be discussing immigration policy, what fixes the United States needs to make to the current policy and what aspects should remain the same. This paper will first discuss what our current policy is, then transition its focus to immigration quotas, border patrol and security, and lastly discussing refugees. In order to reform the immigration policy, we must have an open policy for refugees. We will allow refugees to enter while still maintaining secure background checks and screenings. Along with that we must get all illegal immigrants currently in the United States on a path to citizenship, and maintain our immigration quotas while still doing what we …show more content…

This approach has great potential, but the influx of illegal immigrants will increase dramatically, and this would never pass in congress. Our government should go the route of the 1986 and 2007 approach. This approach includes not letting illegal immigrants have immediate amnesty, but it put all illegal immigrants in the U.S. at the time on a track to legalization (Bhagwati, Rivera-Batiz, pg. 2). We need to do this with the current eleven million illegal immigrants and then strengthen our boarders to ensure we don’t have as many illegal immigrants entering the country. This will be more effective than trying to deport all eleven million illegal immigrants, but people are hesitant because people wonder how this will stop illegal immigration. We can stop future illegal immigration from occurring by promoting self-deportation. After getting all eleven million immigrants on their path to citizenship, we start using e-verify, make it hard for future illegal immigrants to get work, education, transportation, and housing. If a citizen cannot prove legal immigration status, and they cannot get basic necessities like housing and work, then they will leave. Along with that, to prevent future illegal immigration our government should not build a wall, rather we need to hire more border patrol workers to help secure the United States. All new border patrol workers we hire should work on the southern border, because the

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