The U.S. Flawed Immigration System Must be Reformed Essay

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TO: Representative Michael McCaul
SUBJECT: Immigration Reform
The issue of illegal immigration has daunted this nation for many years. Currently, there are 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Immigration reform is necessary, but amnesty is not. Last year, the United States Senate passed the ‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act’ by a vote of 68-32. If this bill becomes law, America will still not have fixed it’s illegal immigration issue. There are many flaws to the current immigration bill in Congress, such as the fiscal costs to taxpayers, government spending, and “border triggers”. A few commonsense fixes to improve our nation’s immigration dilemma are …show more content…

More night-day sensors will provide improved detection of illegal crossings in remote areas. Thermal imaging systems are essential to law enforcement in areas with tall grass and substantial hiding space. Thermal imaging drastically increases the odds of border patrol capturing those trying to cross illegally, especially in the dark.
Reforming the Legal Immigration and Visa System
The current U.S. legal immigration and visa system is inefficient and flawed. Immigrant workers who would help grow the U.S. economy often face time-consuming paperwork and bureaucratic nonsense. The current immigration bill does not improve the legal immigration and visa system effectively. Policies that would effectively reform the system are more H-1B visas, a streamlined application, a reduction is fees. Currently, H-1B visas which are capped at 85,000 annually, should be raised as well as simplified to renew. Highly educated and skilled workers benefit the U.S. economy and provide companies great employees. A streamlined application will help make it simpler to obtain a visa. This application would not reduce security measures that help ensure we are only allowing safe immigrants, it would simply remove the time consuming nonsense that hold up most applications. The expensive application process deters many first time applicants and H-1B workers from attempting to re-new their visas. Many well deserving applicants

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