Immigration Reform : The United States

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Immigration Reform in the U.S. The United States of America, a country created by immigrants, is currently facing what some consider to be an immigration crisis. As of 2012, there is over eleven million undocumented illegal aliens living inside the United States. Both the American public and the lawmakers elected to represent us are divided on the issue. Some people view the influx of immigrants crossing over the border from Mexico to America as a good thing while others view it as a disaster waiting to happen. Regardless of ones view on immigrants coming over, most people are in agreement with the idea that we must change the way we are currently dealing with illegal aliens. Although the term “illegal aliens” has quite a stigma around it, there are many Americans that believe the immigrants coming to our country are doing more good than harm. These immigrants often do not pay an income tax, but everything that they spend their money on is still taxed, so they do add to the United States tax revenue. Also, they increase the amount of cheap labor available in the states and cause more money to be circulated around in the economy. With companies using this cheap labor, they can use the money they save to sell to a wider market and possible for a cheaper price. This, in theory, could be a very positive outcome of illegal immigration. Along with the possible boosts to the economy that they are believed to provide, they also seem to directly coincide with the idea of the

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