Immigration Reform's Domino Effect

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The actions made in today’s societies across the country not only affect those situations immediately at hand, but also those for generations to come. This paper will be delving into immigration reform in Arizona, and more specifically the negative effects that the border surge has had on the socio-economic status of the Grand Canyon state. The motivation for choosing this topic comes from the time spent personally living in Arizona for 12 years and seeing it as one of the most dynamic states having to solve problems for a multitude of issues that arouse within it. The main drive for this paper is the question that asks, what are the socio-economic impacts of the Arizona immigration legislation? This question focusing more on supporting…show more content…
A lot was learned from Wilson’s article as it became clearer as to who was supporting the idea of the immigration reform having negative effects on Arizona socio-economic status. Also the article posed a lot of critical questions that were very helpful to the question this paper poses, but also challenged it with questions asking how much do undocumented immigrants put into Arizona’s economy? Will businesses begin to fail as they are forced to conform to the new government border surge and endure all the negative results that follow these big changes to Arizona’s cultural image? All very surprising as these were questions not yet introduced to this paper. Relating back to class, Wilson is able to bring up concepts that can be compared to lectures all the way back in week 2 talking about overpopulation and resource usage. Although this paper is not about overpopulation the great number of undocumented immigrants can pose a smaller scale problem in Arizona that could fall into this category, as more immigrate the resources Arizona has to offer may not be sufficient for the combined number of undocumented and documented citizens. Now touching base with other half, the social effects of the immigration law reform in Arizona now trickle down from the government and business troubles to the struggles of everyday life for residents. This article looks into what economies essentially thrive on in order

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