Immmersion Reflection Paper

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Immersion week was full of exciting, knowledgeable, and, at times, overwhelming situations. From adjusting to my new home to walking into a sex toy shop for the first time, this week was full of new experiences. Throughout our numerous excursions, I began to consider my beliefs and values as we listened to different speakers on various topics throughout the LGBTQ+ community.
Much of what we experienced during immersion week was unfamiliar territory to me. For example, I have never seen a rainbow flag hanging at a church, which I noticed in Boystown when we visited. Religion itself has always been a complex topic for me due to my family’s beliefs and my own sexuality, so seeing that flag at a church really had me thinking. That same day in Boystown, we visited the Town Hall Apartments where we met Stefanie, Ruffin, and Dominic. For the first time in my life, I had people who identified as LGBTQ+ sitting in front of me sharing their stories and experiences that were from an older generation. They have years of wisdom on me. They have witnessed queer politics slowly transform, and it was refreshing to hear their perspective.
On top of Boystown, Andersonville was a very amusing adventure. Never have I ever taken a stroll to a sex toy shop, and I certainly was not expecting the owner of Early 2 Bed, Searah, to be so open and informative about their products. The outside view of the shop was certainly discrete, but the second I took a step inside, my mouth dropped. I was familiar

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