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For most people, they learn how to improve their reading and writing skills in Elementary School easily. I am one of the few that had to put more effort to improve our reading and writing. Some also may say that one event was the only event that affected their writing styles to make them to what they are now. I believe it takes more than one event to define how we behave, write, or interact. It takes multiple events to help shape how we write, such as, having extra help from the school, having a teacher sit down and talk with you, or having parents put more effort towards you practicing.
I came from a Spanish speaking household and I still do to this day. Having my first language as Spanish and not English caused me to learn English later …show more content…

I felt relieved and did not worry as much because I thought it was a simple warning and it would not be bad. Then she told me I could fail, that is when my worries came back but more intense. I stopped hearing everything she was saying as my mind started to drift off thinking about my parents giving me a spanking, taking my games away, grounding me, and all the other punishments they could possibly give me. It became even worse when she told me that she is going to send the grades home and that I need to have my parents sign it. When I got home I was extremely nervous to show my mom the grades. When I finally got the courage to tell her she got upset and started yelling things that I should not repeat here. After she got done yelling I promised I would try to get good grades and not be lazy so that I do not get behind.
My mom decided that she will have to force me to read and practice writing because I am a lazy person. Because she knows I am lazy, she does not believe I will study and practice to bring my grades up. Every day while she was cooking she would sit me at our kitchen table and would have me read out loud for her. The book I read did not matter to her if I read a book at my grade level or higher. I do not enjoy reading books for fun so I did not have any in my room for me to choose from. My older sister is a big book nerd and enjoys reading lots of books for her free time. I picked one of the easiest books she had that I could read. I would read the

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