Impact Of Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a leader of Germany who the people thought was a very strong leader. He was part of the military to. He went crazy from that. Hitler’s leadership was significant because he impacted peoples lives with moving speeches, lead to the collapse of the League of Nations, as leader he lead germany on a path to WW2.
Hitler had some great speeches that impacted peoples lives. He said that he would make germany stronger. He wanted to make all Jews in germany lose their jobs and gives all germans a job of choice and that is what he did. Hitler used the action of one jewish teen to kill a lot of jewish people. The jewish child assassinated a German politician who was named Ernst Vom Rath. It makes no sense to use an action of one jew to think all jews are evil.
How Hitler Lead to the Collapse of the League of Nations Hitler re-built the german army which allowed him to lead to the collapse of the League of Nations. He remilitarized the Rhinelands but the League of Nations did nothing about that. Then Hitler took more land and the League still did nothing about it. The governments of the countries in the League of Nations probably did not like that the League was basically just handing land over and could not defend themselves because of the rules. This is why the League of Nations collapsed
How Hitler Lead Germany into World War 2 Hitler took too much land and caused WW2. He bit off more than he can chew which means he took too much land

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