Impact Of Colonization Of America

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Colonization was a huge part of making America the way it is today. Without the colonization of America there would be no migration which means no settlers. Jamestown was the first English colony with a permanent settlement and the peak of colonization. Colonization basically started with Christopher Columbus and continued to grow from there. Other European countries such as Portugal, Spain, and England became interested and wanted to colonize America because of the want of land and power. England finally established a successful colony that grew and soon had a profit from having plantations and growing cash crops. Plantations were a huge part of the success of colonization because they allowed the colony to gain money and grow the economy. Christopher Columbus founded hispaniola while trying to find a water route from Asia to Europe. Although, he technically did not found America, he began colonization and other countries wanting to get land in the New World. He left 39 men in hispaniola to create a colony but when he returned he had found out that they angered the Indians and raped the women. Columbus came back to Spain from his exploration and the word got around that there was a lot of land and riches such as gold. Other European countries wanted to gain more power and have land so they also went out to America and claimed land. This was the big effect that Christopher Columbus had on colonization and countries going to find the wonderful things that he had explained

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