Impact Of Globalization On Government, Business And Civil Society

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1.0 Executive Summary This report basically discuss about the influence on Globalisation towards government, business and civil society. Findings and discussion will focus on China and Vietnam. Hence, to further look into the transformation of both countries and how reformation and globalisation has contributed to the current environment of these countries, as well as the advantages, opportunities and threats for them. Finally the report will talk about how neoliberalism has caused imbalance between countries and has formed inequality and unhealthy competitions. “Beijing Consensus” model is used as recommendations. 2.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to investigate on Globalisation and how it changes the relationship between government, business and civil society of two countries. Also To discover the positive and negative impacts that globalisation has given to both of the countries. The two countries that was chosen are China and Vietnam. In the eyes of foreign investors, these two countries are popular for setting up manufacturing factories. China was known as the world’s largest manufacturing nation and has accounted 38.1% of the global total from it’s manufacturing production(Hodgson, 2014). Many researchers have considered Vietnam as the next China. Although Vietnam is not listed in the top 10 manufacturing countries but it has the inherent advantages that cannot be ignored. 3.0 Methodology This report was conducted by using quantitative research. All

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