Impact Of Marketing On Whole Foods Market

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Sustainable marketing is aimed to create, produce, and deliver solutions that are sustainable while satisfying whole food customers a management and emphasizes on greater sustainability. This concept addresses socio-ecological demands and turns them into competitive advantages. Sustainability in Whole Foods Market is considered to sustain and maintain profitable relationship with customers, natural environment and natural environment (Emery, 2012). Sustainability market is a dual management concept, which traditionally used only to include corporate function like procurements, financing and production but also a guide to corporate management. It is not only oriented to the market but also focuses on the environment. …show more content…

It is observed that Whole Foods Market is correlated with sustainable-led marketing strategies (Martin, Diane, and John Schouten, 2012). It is assumed that when sustainable products escape the market niche, the size of the Whole Foods Market is less important thus serves as a driver towards sustainable-led marketing. It is thus concluded that sustainability is reasonable if the structure of Whole Foods Market companies is borne in mind
Market shares and Brand awareness
Market shares and brand awareness has beneficial performance towards sustainable-led marketing. Large market share and brand awareness as Public exposure is interpreted as an influencing factor towards sustainable-led marketing. Whole Foods Market Company need to disclose their data to consumers to the highest extent. This is a drive towards sustainable-led marketing where Whole Foods Market discloses their data to the consumers more often (Emery, 2012).
Internal stakeholders
Internal stakeholders i.e. the owner of the Whole Foods Market Company, top managers, and shareholders in Whole Foods Market provide a drive towards sustainable-led marketing strategies. The top management of companies are the most influential internal stakeholders of Whole Foods Market companies and are assigned the duty of being committed to sustainable-led marketing. The company owner is also an internal driver who can influence the Whole Foods Market to higher extents towards

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