Impact Of Public Policy On Global Energy And Climate Change

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Aidan Johnson
25 April 2016

The Impact of Public Policy on Global Energy And Climate Change As a political science major with a focus on international politics, energy and the environment are not just a means to an end but instead they are the focus of the work itself. Rather than studying business and needing energy to run things effectively, the study of international relationships is in the business of dealing with these large topics in energy reduction especially as they relate to reducing carbon emissions. The deeper one dives into the real core of worldwide energy production the more complicated and hopelessly confusing it may seem. With thousands of government policies dictating energy production, and hundreds of governments acting around the world to come to agreements concerning emission and environmental protection, the concern of global climate change as a result of carbon emissions has been seen by many as beyond hope. However, despite overwhelming odds, in December 2015 a landmark agreement was reached by 195 countries to decrease global fossil fuel emissions and attempt to mitigate the effects of global warming. Just a few months later in April of 2016 it was signed into effect by all of them, and while it still needs to be ratified in many countries this is a historic step towards protecting the environment from the harmful effects of global warming. Ahead a brief outline of our domestic energy policy will be examined, followed by an overview of…
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