The Impact Of The Sexualisation And Objectification Of Women

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Modern-day society has now been dominated by the media. Almost all of us are affected by media in one way or another. In today’s world, it is undeniable of the huge role that media plays in our everyday life, both positively and negatively. Our perception of body image, our physical appearance and our identity, have been shaped and sculpted by what is presented in the media.
While media has brought about many benefits, giving us the ability to communicate and interact easily, breaking down cultural and social barriers, it has also restricted ourselves from independent thinking and self-control, leaving us gullible to believing that the exaggerated images and news we see are the truth and what is ‘meant to be’, when in fact, they are not.
The audience for media is wide and varied, however, it is arguable that adolescents and teenagers are the most easily affected. Growing up in an environment where sexualisation and objectification is a norm, the extent to which the younger generation will be affected by these ads is unknown.
This essay investigates the impacts in which the way body image is presented in the media and its effects to answer the following research question:
What is the impact of the sexualisation and objectification of women in new media advertisements and its effect on body image?

The Importance of Media throughout History
Mass media has long been a communication tool for people to socialise and exchange ideas with one another. It is the

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