Impact Of Sports On Individual Life

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Throughout history, sports as a cultural phenomenon has played an important role in society as a form of recreation and also giving insights on issues we have today. The effects of sports can uncover further explorations on the hidden impact it has on an individual life experiences involving sports and their personal life. In my study I attempt to explore some of the effects sports has on an individual life experiences be it positive or negative. Throughout my interview with Jacqueline Robinson, I came across themes that relates to the ways sport impacted individual lives, which it became clear to me on how sports is deeply connected to an individual life. Through my interview with Jacqueline, she was aware of the purpose of this interview process, but couldn’t see how the impact of sports was relative to her personal life experiences until towards the end of the interview. For instance, jacqueline describe herself as being very active at a young age playing outside most of the time and participated in many variety of sports throughout her life. With this in mind, I believe that the location and the era, where she grew up, sports played a role in building her character. In my essay, I’ll discuss how sports can uncover hidden potential to change an individual life, in ways that can serve multiple purpose. In order for me to do this I will provide evidence of a woman life and tie in outside scholarly sources. Therefore, sports are able to positively impact an individual life

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