Impact Of Technology On Our Lives

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Arman Singh
Anna Bennion
September 28 2015

Impact of Technology on Relationships Technology has a massive impact on humans and plays a very strong role in our everyday lives, as a matter of fact while I’m writing this essay on my laptop I’m also multi-tasking on my phone by listening to music, texting several people and surfing my social media profiles. Technology has many valuable benefits however it overloads our brain, consumes drastic time, and deeply impacts our relationships with family and friends. Many authors agree to the fact that technology negatively impacts interpersonal relationships in our society today, however a small collection believe that technology enhances relationships with numerous social media sites. Although technology does make long distance communication easier, I believe it is taking away our ability of verbal/non-verbal skills of communication in real world interactions because people are spending less time with people regarding face to face interactions. These articles will present how technological advancements change the ways we work together and how for some technology can assist or complicate a relationship. In Technology, Relationships, and Problems by Megan Webster she talks about the many advancements in technology and how it has changed the ways we interact with each other. Webster claims that for some people technology can support a relationship, however for others technology can create a rift between them. The key

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