Impact Of Technology On Social Interaction

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Technology impacts social interaction everyday and people don’t even realize it. Some may say that technology has been influencing social interaction for many years meanwhile others maywh say that it’s just happening now. Four dnot necessary different authors texts have their own opinions on how social media impacts society. Some say that anti-socialness have been around for a long time, even before technology yet others say that being antisocial is a recent occurrence because most teenagers have access to an electronic device. that they can use. Technology is a major impact with being sociable. ???It helps us make new friends, and connect with old ones. Some figures say social media is hurting us being sociable. It takes away from the face to face time that we may have but others say that social media helps us meet new people and express ourselves. There is also the argument of technology being the fact that we are antisocial or is it just the person you are. You need to reread for clarity The Forbes article states is saying that people responded to a study claiming that people are less polite on social media than they would be in face to face interaction. Why? Because on a social media platform you can't see the person's face when you leave a comment. You won't see a reaction out of them. (Grenny 1). A person won’t make a rude comment to another's face because when a reaction is made, feelings start to change. On social media though you can’t see what’s happening on the
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