Impact Of Technology On Society 's Society Essay

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Impact of Technology on Society Large sections of society have the ability to travel whenever and to wherever they please, whether be it for pleasure or work. Communication with friends and family across the globe happens instantaneously with a simple click of a button. The movement of resources and products occurs around the world daily and items that were at one time based in a location across the globe can be delivered and on hand the next day. Global transportation, communication and trade create an immense network, which ultimately shrinks the world while at the same time expands our knowledge of other cultures and practices. This network allows people to connect on a worldwide scale; an idea that was not even conceivable a hundred years ago. The world has not always been the massive and interconnected society that it is today. Populations were often isolated by geography and economics. It has come a long way from the prehistoric times when communications were stories passed down by word of mouth and cave drawings and continues to flourish in a large variety of new and creative ways. From small tribes consisting of hunters and gatherers the world has morphed into a complex and interconnected group of diverse people that continue to discover new, revolutionary ways to improve life. (Copp, 2015) Humanity’s ingenuity and rapidly increasing need for information has propelled society on a quest that makes it increasing more dependent on technology and the many benefits
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