Impact Technology Has Brought on the Management of International Finance

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Findings : To identify the positive and negative impact that changes in technology have brought on the management of international finance. With internet being one of the developments of IT, the results showed that it has culminated in improved customer convenience. Yet despite other advances in the management of IF, this arm has thrashed to fully control the power and promise of technology, with the customers looking forward to solutions that are not only faster and cheaper, but that also provides customer convenience and efficiency. Convenience is much related to access to a service at any time , hence the customers are now able to make even across the borders payments from their homes through the internet which is more convenient than actually going to the bank to make a payment. 87percent of the respondents agreed that the change had brought a positive effect in the way the internal finance transactions are now being managed with 55 percent strongly agreeing. The positive impacts of the evolution of IT on the management of international finance include greater efficiency, increased transaction volume and improved customer convenience. The internet is an example of technology that has brought about increased transaction volume. According to the research that was conducted, 42 percent of the organisations that participated strongly agree, while 18 percent agree and 40 percent are indifferent that increased transaction volume was a result of the internet. Greater

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