Impact of Affordable Care Act on North Carolina Uninsured Population

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Impact of Affordable Care Act on North Carolina Uninsured Population Rita Santos Walden University NURS-6050N-1,Policy & Advocacy for Population Health January 3, 2014 Impact of ACA on North Carolina Uninsured Population The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in vigor since January 1, 2014, and hospitals and health care providers are not sure about how many people will knock at their door for health care. So far, according to Camp (2014) “More than two million people across the country have signed up for healthcare under the ACA and hospitals are bracing for a wave of newly insured patients”. How does that affect the uninsured people in North Carolina is an unanswered question. Seventeen percent of North Carolina’s residents are…show more content…
Governor McCrory is committed to envigorate the Health Care program in his budget delivance for 2013-2015 in North Carolina (NC,) and assures that $575M will be added to Medicaid budget, $7.2M will be given for Drug Treatment Courts, and $30M to open a new psychiatric hospital, all to be delivered in two fiscal years period (Newsroom, 2013). Overall NC’s State economy seems to be picking up with an underemployment rate dropping from 17 percent in October 2011-2012, to 14.9 percent from October 2012-2013 (Robesonian News, 2013). In addition, Murawsk (2013) assures “the economy is indisputably building up steam and moving in a direction we haven’t seen in years”. With NC State biannual budget investing $612.2 M in three important areas of health care and the general economy steaming up it seems that more of NC uninsured community will be able to have an employer sponsored health care insurance, or be able to afford health insurance in the marketplace. It looks like a promising situation, that will surely help to banish the ghost of unfunded mandates, but if 100 percent of NC uninsured population will get what ACA proposes is something to be checked in the future. Ethics and Quality of Health Care A citation of Frederick Douglass’ delivery for the Civil Rights in October 1883 comes in hand he said “Only base men and oppressors can rejoice in a triumph of injustice over the weak and defenceless, for weakness ought itself to protect from assaults of pride,
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