Impact of Change Management on Thistle Hotel, Uk

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(Case study - Thistle city Barbican, London, UK)



In the recent years, many businesses have undergone several organizational changes due to the rapid and continual increase innovation in technology that exposes organizational systems and processes, increase diverse markets and create opportunities for more growth and revenue through adequate knowledge of their needs and expectations in the marketplace which concedes employees and organization as a whole to experience rapid change like never before as they move freely within the organization.

The concept of organizational change involves making adjustments to achieve organizational goals more
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As a result of the importance, the question of whether businesses are able to change successfully has been a controversial issue of debate for a long time. Change remains a dominant factor, the only constant or inevitable thing in life. At the dawn of new millennium, organizations need to evolve and regenerate, through innovation, globalization, costs control and increasing customers’ expectations and remain competitive at marketplace in order to survive.

According to Handy (1985), a change is a way of life affecting every individual within the organization. As the degree of change increases, managers within the organization influence the change process and outcome (Cook, Macaulay & Coldicott, 2004). Their attitude towards change affects the individual commitments which determine the future success of the business. For organization to be highly competitive, it requires more skills and knowledge, thus companies enforcing workers to put more efforts to their job as well as adjusting to the change program (Pascale, Millemann & Gioja, 1997). This chapter provide some exciting literatures on the concept of change management in organization as well as the impact of change management implementation on Thistle city UK.

As the world is growing and changing every time correspond to the quick change most organizations experience. The

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