Impact of UK Motor Manufacturing Industry on the British Economy

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UK motor manufacturing industry Importance of the UK motor manufacturing industry to the economy The UK automobile industry has been best known for the high end and sports cars such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, Land Rover, McLaren, Lotus, Daimler, Mini and Rolls-Royce. There are also volume car manufacturers who have a major presence in the UK such as Nissan, Ford, Toyota, and Honda. The UK automobile manufacturing industry had a total turnover of 52.5billion euros in 2008 which is divided as 26.6 billion from exports. Close to 1.5 million passenger cars were produced with another 200,000 being commercial vehicles. The UK automobile industry employs about 180,000 people directly with another 600,000 being employed in automobile supplies, retail sales and service centers. The UK automobile industry also consists of the 3.2 million engines that are produced which also contribute significantly to the supply for the automobile manufacturers. The auto racing and motorsport industry also employs about 39,000 people with a turnover of about 6 billion euros. As a result of the huge turnover of the UK automobile industry which translates to huge tax returns for the government and the thousands upon thousands of jobs that the industry creates both directly and indirectly, the UK automobile industry is considered to be highly beneficial to the UK economy(Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Business and Enterprise Committee and Luff, 2009). Production in the

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