The Impact Of Globalization On The Uk

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International Business assignment (Jan- May 2015) This report will evaluate the impact of Globalization in the UK Automobile Industry. Introduction In 2008, Tata motors had completed acquisition of the two British brands Jaguar and Land Rover from US based ford motors for 2.3 billion. Jaguar and land rover are the largest UK automobile manufacturing business built around two British brand driving forces, with a strong team of 32,000 globally and support 210,000 jobs. Through the supply chain, dealer network and wider economy and all cars are engineered in the UK. JLR is the biggest in research and development in the manufacturing sector. Governments intervene in the trade to achieve economic, political and social goals, while people who make the policies are challenged by conflicting objectives, such as religion and the interest groups, such as Greenpeace. JLRs success While car manufacturing is a global industry, automotive companies such as JLR operate in broader regions such as Europe and Asia. Three major trends were identified affecting car production in mature markets, the first was the fragmentation of mature markets, customers were demanding more choice, and this has made it difficult for manufacturers to obtain economies of scale, so cost had to be reduced and with the general

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