Impacts Of Personal Identity

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The following essay is where I’m going to introduce myself through my own values of place, culture and the impacts of negative and positive self-identity through personal and social impacts through self-worth. Through culture, I will be able to list and define my norms, practices and traditions what takes place in my culture and the values what reflect from it what can help with identifying my beliefs as a person, my family and background reflection as a whole, and will also be writing about where I was born and raised, my achievements and shared values as an individual in society.
Place is not one house or town you’ve lived for a month or 10 years, it’s a place what holds memories where you feel it’s home and who you’re there with at the time.
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My personal identity is that my person achievements is achieving NCEA 1 and 2 after struggling with school for many years with the subjects of Maths and Business Studies. I decided to further my education and enrol myself into a Level 3 Early Childhood and Care course at Windermere Polytechnic which I passed with flying colours and soon got accepted into the Level 5 Diploma into Early Childhood and Care programme also passing with flying colours, during which my summer break in between the course’s new start for the year was 4 months, I also enrolled in a barista Level 3 course to occupy my time, and lastly and am now completing a Level 4 Foundation Course to help with my degree in 2017 of Primary School Education. My social identity is belonging to friendship groups, whether they’re off the internet or not from the Facebook group I admin where just this year I flew to Brisbane to hang out with one of my best friends from the groups. More social identities I’ve been a part of are sports teams from school, where I played netball for 8 years in which for 2 years I was the caption of the team and soccer for 2 years as well but as time goes on I might join the Elizabeth Youth Centre Thursday night netball team in order…show more content…
My norms in my culture is that we have to use our manners whether we’re at home or out in public, even if it’s just the basic manners such as “Please” and “Thank you”. This is the behaviour people expect to others to act as it’s common and society to others, especially in New Zealand. In New Zealand practices consist of being punctual to places, whether it’s going to school or just a coffee hangout session with some friends. New Zealand is considered one of the friendliest countries in the world and like to laugh as we’re very social towards each other. I feel this when comparing it to my own culture as it’s respect to other person and it’s illegal to discriminate others of their ethnicity. Another New Zealand practice what my family doesn’t follow in our culture is Christianity but we don’t judge others who believe in it but were raised to make our choices and decisions regarding reglion by ourselves. In New Zealand major traditions are Christmas and birthdays where as in my family Christmas consists of a family get together at one’s house, usually my grandparents or my house spending the day catching up over presents, food and playing games throughout the day. A family favourite game of ours is one my Mum invented when I was little called Six or Ditch, followed by having my Uncle’s world famous spare
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