Impacts Of The Harlem Renaissance

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The Harlem Renaissance celebrated their culture and was flourishing in African American art, literature and music. Like Langston Hughes who wrote his first award winning poetry, “The Weary Blues (1926); which caught a lot of support. Later his poem turned into jazz music, which brought him instant success, and his jazz and blues fits in variety of changing mood. He was a talented youngster who knew how to write poetry and create music that captures the attentions of the people who loves music.
Not all the African Americans are lucky as Langston Hughes who dropped out of Columbia University and decided to peruse his writing in poetry and jazz and blue. Many of the slaves endured years of struggle and slavery for freedom, justice, and abolition. They have struggled for promised equality in education, jobs, music and everything a white supremacy had legally. They have migrated in the north but had to relocate to the south because of the unwelcome presence. The South and North discovered that they both have many things in common and experiences of the histories a slaves and their uncertain circumstances. During the course of the decades, they have created a culture in African American culture called Harlem Renaissance.
Though a new culture was reborn, many African Americans hoped for a new life up in the north even though the promise of owning their own lands had not materialized. There was deep hatred and violence in the south because African American’s rights and

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