Implementation Of Any / All Drug Screens Essay

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Progress Review- Joshua Harris
Please list outcomes of any/all drug screens. Please include the date, type, results, and substance (if applicable)
Not applicable
Progress in treatment: (please choose either moderate-significant-slight improvement, or moderate-significant-slight deterioration, or no change) ISSUE PROGRESS
Aggression Slight Deterioration. The client is starting to display aggressive behaviors towards his family when he is unable to get what he wants. The behaviors the client exhibits are tantrums of hitting, screaming, and yelling at his sisters. His negative interaction towards his mother consists of refusing to listen to her redirections and kicking a wall as he walks to another room.
Self- Injurious Behaviors/Suicidal Slight Deterioration. The client had one episode on 11/2/2016, where he banged his head against a wall when his mother redirected him to take a shower prior to going to the hospital. The client has not express suicidal thoughts, but is starting to be unable to control his emotions.
Oppositional- Defiant Behaviors Slight Deterioration. . The client has been displaying negative interactions towards his mother for the past couple of weeks. These behaviors seemed to increase when the client was unable to receive a wanted object from his mother, even after the client was provided therapeutic tools of understanding the differences between needs and wants.

Please include any/all changes or

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