Implementation Of Sexual Assault Legislation Essay

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Term Paper Proposal: Implementation of Sexual Assault Legislation
The nature of a legislation or policy that exist within a country, as well as how it is regulated, attests to a state’s priorities and the treatment of their citizens. These legislations are often used not only to maintain order, but to combat a wide variety of societal and political issues. One prevalent issue that exists today is that surrounding rape and other sexual assaults. In 2015, there were approximately 21,500 police-reported sexual assaults within Canada (Statistics Canada, 2015). Conversely, fewer than 1 in 10 incidents of sexual assault are reported to the police— making it the least reported violent offence (Statistics Canada, 2007). These findings may raise a plethora of questions and concerns on the attitudes towards reporting sexual assaults and the measures to do so. In Canada, laws against sexual aggression are mandated by the federal government and can be found in the Criminal Code. Beyond this legislation itself it is also important to analyse its implementation. Understanding how this legislation is enforced can help to create an open discussion on its level of efficiency in protecting and improving the quality of life.
To further understand the policing of sexual assault it is important to first look at the laws regarding the offence. Rape as an offence has an extensive history within Canadian legislations and has changed drastically over the years. Originally,
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