Implementing A Clean And Quality Water Supply System

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Table of Contents I. Introduction 2 Background Information II. Problem Definition 2 Issues III. Technical Review of Option 3 Design Area Existing solutions IV. Design Assessment Criteria 4 V. Design Selection 5 VI. Conclusion 7 VII. Design Recommendation 8 VIII. Reference List 9 IX. Appendix 10 Introduction Background Information This report outlines the EWB Challenge that is operational for development based in Bambui, Cameroon. Bambui is a rural community in the North West region of Cameroon that is undergoing rapid population growth. The population growth is increasing the pressure on the existing water supply, sanitation, waste management and housing facilities available. The purpose of this report is to work cooperatively with EWB and the community of Bambui in establishing a clean and quality water supply system. The report will cover the essential problems of water quality and water supply in Bambui in common terms as well as develop a design criteria. By forming a template of three to five measurable design requirements and testing a minimum of two design option against these requirements we will be able to make the most effective recommendation based on our findings. Problem Definition Water supply is the primary problem in Bambui, as currently Bambui lacks in adequate large storages of clean water. The main source of water in Bambui come from a set of twelve springs and one stream that flow into the Tubah watershed. However there are many factors that

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