Implementing A Debt Education Program

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An Alternative Solution to Fit Our Goals and Utilizing Available Resources Alternatively, more cost effective options are available, considering that the resources are already at our disposal. After careful consideration and investigating different options, we need the assistance of your division to reach as many students as possible, by promoting the tools and services that are available to assist our student’s financial needs. Student Affairs is appealing to Student Life for assistance because of your already strong relationships and outreach programs with students. While your department has the reputation of directly involving students through your events, our section finds it more difficult to connect with the students in such…show more content…
We are appealing to your division as Student Life is already at the forefront of the student’s lives. We need your assistance to help make our students become knowledgeable about the tools they can use to manage their finances. Student Life is already involved with our freshman at orientation and we would appreciate if you can incorporate 15 to 30 minutes into the orientation presentation about what financial tools and services the university has to offer. We might not want to disseminate too much information at orientation, as it might seem overwhelming at that point to the students. We only want to bring these resources to our student’s attention, informing them about upcoming events for money management throughout the year. We can reach other students that we do not connect with at orientation, through online promotions, such as Facebook and Twitter, on campus advertising, word of mouth, and events about developing money management skills. Again, the relevant marketing material is already at our disposal through CashCourse®, however, we need the assistance of your team to help distribute and advertise the services. Facilitating Events: Another interesting feature through CashCourse® is that they offer scavenger hunts. Student life could promote the scavenger hunt and assist with the execution of the events. The goal is to help students become familiar with the program throughout each
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