Implementing An Inventory Tracking System

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IT Strategies This IT department’s strategic goals have been updated to better reflect Rusty Rims’ (RR) over all mission. These changes include:
Implementing an inventory tracking system. This business strategy aligns with RR’s plan to provide warehouse services to its customers. By implementing an inventory system customers will be able to keep track of how much stock they have stored in the warehouse.
Switch to Virtual machines instead of physical servers. This internal business strategy aligns with over all mission to reduce costs by 5% to fund new projects, such as providing warehouse services to customers. In addition, this will reduce manpower needed to upkeep servers and free them to work on other projects.
Simplify data entry method for maintenance information. This business strategy aligns with RR’s goal to improve the maintenance cycle and reduce its effect on business operations. In addition this will insure RR is in compliance with the new federal requirement to preform vehicle safety checks every 10,000 miles.
Automate the route planning process. This business strategy aligns with RR’s goal to improve the percentage of loaded miles.
IT Portfolio
The IT road map below outlines the projects and their time lines that this IT department is working on. The Accurate Financials project will be complete in two weeks, the mobile marketing app and the management reporting system will be completed in two months, and the proposed driver hour tracking system project
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