Importance Of A Global Citizen

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Importance of developing global citizenship
Jerrid Lee
Gen449: General Education Capstone
Instructor: Meresa Stacy

Importance of developing global citizenship Global citizenship has become something that you see in just about every country that you visit in today 's world. If you are in America, you will see Americans, Europeans, Muslims, etc. walking around. This has become the new normal. Even in other countries, if you visit, you will see people from all over the world there as well. We will be going over some benefits of being a global citizen, some disagreements between theorists about the definition of global citizenship, two outcomes of global citizenship, two personal examples that I have with
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My definition of global citizenship would be individuals who accept culture diverseness and treat others how they wish to be treated at all times. No individual deserves to be treated differently because of where they are from or grew up. Tolerance, understanding, mutual respect, equality, and fairness should be taught among the human race and in global citizenship.
Two outcomes
Valuing Diversity Valuing diversity is a big issue that the world is having. When something bad happens from an individual who is Arabic, everyone tends to fear Arabic individuals after that, which is not the correct way to go. By valuing diversity, you are accepting the fact that every individual in this world will bring something to the table and should not be looked at differently because they are different than you. Just because of one individual who has the same religion as someone else, makes a mistake or does something bad, not every person from that area should be looked at as bad.
Social Justice Social justice is another big thing to think about. Social justice is the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a community or society. Everyone, no matter what color their skin, religion, gender, or sexual
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