Importance Of A Zombie Apocalypse

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1. On October 13th, everything is quiet, maybe too quiet. No one’s playing ball in the street or riding their bikes around the block. No one has come outside all day, and only a few people showed up for school. Instead of staying safe inside, you decide to walk outside to check out what’s going on. You quickly realize nothing’s right and something’s wrong. As you turn around to hurry inside, your house is gone. While standing in fright, you notice that the trees in the fog aren’t trees; they’re zombies. You quickly conclude that you’re witnessing a zombie apocalypse. 2. Fall has finally started and the leaves have covered the ground already. It’s a perfect day for softball, it’s not too hot nor too cold. At a softball tournament with a wonderful team with a record of three wins and zero losses. Sipping hot chocolate with teammates that are hardworking, and watching the game before us. As the game finishes, we make our way to the dugout. After a long, hard hour and a half, the…show more content…
Hours have gone by, just like the trees we’re passing. It has only been three hours, but it feels like three-hundred. The scenery around us is so breathtaking. Silence is the only thing that fills the air, except when mom screams her heart out to an old-school song. But besides that, it’s relaxing enough. Getting away from the stress that fills the mind all year long, finally getting away from it. It’s the little things like car rides that are relaxing, because you’re slowly getting farther away from all the trouble that occupies the mind. 6. The waves crashing onto the beautiful sand fills my mind. The beautiful blue color of the water is breathtaking. It makes even the worst days a little happier. Getting lost in the lovely sight is easier than it may seem. Anyone who could look at the scenery would easily tell everyone about it. Whenever I consider those beautiful, ocean-blue eyes of yours, I go to paradise. Your eyes made me realize my happy place could be in a person. You’re my
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