Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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The Influence that Professional Values and Communication have within the Nursing Profession: Introduction: To begin my essay, I am going to be discussing two of the essential topics that I believe are crucial to deliver effective nursing practice on placement, including both hospital and community settings. I am going to discuss the Professional Values of being a Nurse as well as the importance of effective communication to patients and in multidisciplinary teams. I have chosen to discuss the professional values of being a Nurse in detail as I feel that this must have immediate effect when becoming a student nurse, as Nursing is a vocation and simply, not just a nine to five job. Nurses must uphold their professional values and reputation of the profession both in and outside of work. I will be exploring the range of professional values that a Nurse must show to follow the Nursing and Midwifery Council policies and procedures. I will highlight the regulations for practice and behaviour in which Nurses must adhere to as well as the implications caused if Nurses do not follow the codes of Conduct. I have chosen to focus on the importance of Nurses using their personal attributes and having their own responsibilities in practice. This will ensure I fully understand all the skills, attributes and responsibilities I will need to use and develop whilst on placement. For example, treating each patient as an individual and respecting their dignity, along with following the Equality

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