Key Concepts Of Communication In Nursing

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This essay will highlight one of the key concepts of nursing .The concept that will be discussed in this essay will be communication, the reason for this chosen concept is that communication plays a vital role in everyday occurrences which defines how a situation is perceived by yourself, others and how communication is effectively handled . There will be a definition on what communication is also an evaluation of the chosen concept will be explored throughout this essay.
Communication can be defined as a social interaction where at least two interacting agents share a common set of signs and a common set of rules (Schramm, 1954). There are different forms of communication, verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication can be defined as a …show more content…

‘Clear and complete communication between health care providers is a prerequisite for safe patient management. Which is a major priority of the Joint Commission's 2008 National Patient Safety Goals and long-term care (LCT). (Commission, 2008)
As known from recent issues in the media, lack of communication can prove fatal for example the case regarding Kane Gorny, 22, a keen sportsman who was so desperate for water he phoned police. “Kane was undoubtedly let down by incompetence of staff, poor communication, lack of leadership, both medical and nursing, and a culture of assumption” (Dr Shirley Radcliffe). If the nurses had communicated and listened to Mr Gorny they would have been able to prevent neglect thus preventing his death. Mr Gorny was not only failed by medical staff but also by police forces as we are made aware that he had phoned but as there was no assault found they left but if the police that were present had questioned medical staff once again Mr Gorny’s death would have been prevented. (The Guardian, 2012) Thus proving that without communication mortal incidents can happen because communication also involves listening, understanding and responding, which was not evident in this situation as Mr Gorny was not listened to and did not get a response to his plea. (Pease, 2000).
Communication include dissimilarities in language, cultural

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