Importance Of Culture In Anthropology

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Culture and society is a very important part of anthropology. Although the way that anthropologist view these terms may be different that what other people view them as. Culture from an anthropology is shared behaviors, trends, beliefs, and rituals. It gives meaning and is shaped by our experiences. Where according to the dictionary, culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievements regarded collectivity. It is quite similar, but in ways very different. When you talk about culture in classes or to others, many view it as you belong to one certain culture. For example, when people ask what was the culture like in a place that you have visited, they assume that there is one belief that is practiced, or a religious practice.
From an anthropology prospective, society is groups of internal and external relations are governed by rules, preform a variety of function, and which endure beyond lives of their constituent. An interest in society has more to do with understanding the way that people associate with one another and how activity is organized. Outside an anthropology perspective, there is two main ways that people would define society. One is a group of people living together in a community, otherwise known as a community or the general public. Where the other is an organization or a club, like the national honors society.
Society and Culture are very important concepts to anthropology. Culture is very important in anthropology because it is

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