Importance Of Extended Suffrage To Disenfranchised People

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Alexis Bostick Mr. McKown Government 7 5 December 2017 Extended Suffrage To Disenfranchised People “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” are famous words straight from The Declaration of Independence. Yet in the time period it was written, the 1700’s, slavery still existed, women were not seen equal in society to men, and minorities were not as respected as white people. Although in today’s society this would be viewed as unconstitutional, it was all too normal in the early history of our country. Voting is an important right to have as a citizen. By voting you are voicing your opinion on subjects that will affect every aspect of your daily life. For people to not have the right to vote and help make the life they want for themselves is not fair. The following fifteenth, nineteenth, twenty-fourth, and twenty-sixth amendments gave people the suffrage rights they deserved. African Americans had been made citizens after the Civil War in 1865 and also freed from slavery. But still white people, primarily in southern states, continued to use a variety of methods to prevent any African Americans from using their right to vote. Houses were burned down of those who had voted and threats and beatings were instilled. Literacy tests were also used, ironically in a time period when most people
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