Importance Of Forensic Chemistry

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Forensic chemistry is becoming an increasingly popular topic. It is being used quite often in the real world with police investigations, cases, and is also being magnified in television shows including Forensic Files, CSI, and Bones. Forensic chemistry is important because without it we wouldn’t know the outcome of a crime. The forensic chemist’s job is to examine evidence given to them from a crime scene, when it happened, and even who committed the crime at times. Forensic chemistry deals with the chemical analysis of a variety of types of physical evidence. These include glass fragments, suspected accelerants from arson debris, gunshot residue on the hands of a shooter, blood stains, fibers, drugs, and even samples of hair. The cases …show more content…

In layman’s terms, mass spectrometry measures the masses within chemical atoms, molecules. Which, is also frequently used since it provides the strongest evidence in court.

Most often, forensic chemists do not know the nature of the sample before they analyze it. In, “Joseph Bell Centre-About Joseph Bell,” by the Joseph Bell Centre-it states, “The results of their work are used in police investigations and court trials, at which they may be called upon to provide an expert testimony and explain their findings to a jury. The chemists rarely leave the lab, but there are a few that get to go out and do field work.” Out in the field they often observe the crime scene before the evidence is gathered, take pictures, and a major thing is figured out whether blood splatter patterns were normal, and if not what could have caused them to be irregular in the case of a homicide. When in the field forensic chemist may also go to crime scenes where an explosion or fire occurred to try and determine exactly what happened. In most cases forensic chemists are called upon to explain how they reached their conclusion from the evidence given and asked about the test that they run. Because of this chemist not only spend their time

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