Importance Of Imagination In Education

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Imagination in Education Imagination is an important aspect of childhood. Children are a different kind of creative than adults that can only be attained at their age. This type of imaginative thinking can be emphasized by reading the appropriate books. Children believe in ideas that seem outrageous to adults such as Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and Easter bunny, as well as magic and unicorns, and mermaids and monsters. These aspects make up a great deal of children’s book and are a major reason why children enjoy them. Fantasy style books should be used in the classroom Fiction books are overall more popular than nonfiction ones as children tend to find them more interesting. Fantasy is one of the most popular subsections of fiction, in recent years fantasy was the most popular type of children’s book in the United Kingdom. Fantasy books allow children to read about a make-believe world that allows them to better understand the real world around them. They see the world through the eyes of the characters in books like Peter Pan and Lucy Pensive. Children view the world in color because of the books they read and those that are read to them. Adults question how children see the world because they cannot remember what this world was like but it is open to them in fantasy books. Children see animals in the clouds and have imaginary friends, all of these ae influenced by the book they read. Fantasy books are needed in schools to expand and nourish children’s every growing

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