Importance Of In Vitro Fertilization

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Researchers estimated that 58% to 74% of women under 40 who tried to conceive naturally for one year would wind up with a baby (Kaplan). A person who wants to conceive a child does not plan on being infertile. In the United States, 1.6% of infants born are conceived using an assisted reproductive technology. In vitro fertilization, is an assisted reproductive technology that helps a person who wants a healthy child, which is important because this can affect a person's life.
In vitro fertilization is just one of the assisted reproductive technologies used today. According to the book What to Expect Before You're Expecting, In vitro fertilization is considered the most effective of the ART techniques (Murkoff 169). IVF experiments and studies have been dated back to the 1890’s. The first In vitro fertilization pregnancy was in 1973. Although, this pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. In 1978, a pregnancy was successful with the birth of Louise Brown. This procedure was a partnership between Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe. Edwards and Steptoe were the Nobel Peace Prize winners in 2010. In vitro fertilization is a process that takes many steps. The first thing that happens is that the doctor needs to get in control of the woman's ovulation cycle. Some Doctors will put the woman on birth control which has been proven to increase the chances of fertilization and decrease ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and

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