Importance Of Learning Experience As A Teacher

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My learning experience as a learning facilitator: a road towards understanding teaching
Prior to being a learning assistant, I didn’t have a full understanding of what being a teacher meant. Like others, I had the misconception that a teacher is a person older than you, wiser than you and with the authority to teach you what you need to know, in terms of academics. I never really saw myself as a teacher. I have done tutoring before, but I also lacked the understanding of what facilitated learning meant. As I reflect back on my experience as a learning assistant, I realize that teaching doesn’t have to follow the traditional way where an adult teaches a student. Anyone can teach regardless of age. However, the ability to effectively teach is a different matter. Teaching is like an art. Realistically, not everyone is born a good teacher. One must know how to teach effectively, but most importantly, teaching others in a way that is enjoyable. It is because of this that I would like to address what creates effective teaching and the levels that constitute a solid and beneficial teaching environment.
Initially, I would like to mention peer discussion. Personally, I don’t really like peer discussion because of previous experiences that I have had in some of my social classes. Most of the time people are too shy to speak and there is always that 30 seconds interval of awareness. Interestingly, peer review in my science classes is always better. Most of the time I think

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