Importance Of Nonverbal Communication

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Nicole Schmidt
Taralynn Schmidt
Interpersonal Communications 103
Chelsa Budd
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Your nonverbal communication is a very important aspect when making a first impression. That’s the thing with a first impression, you don’t get a do-over. You want to be convincing of your confidence and know how during a job interview; as to why the employer should choose you, over anyone else. It’s important that the messages you send with body sync with the verbal message you send. If they do not match, then that is where you get confusion and miscommunication between people.
Below is a list of ten effective nonverbal communication tips. Review them before your interview and you should do just fine!
1) Eye contact: How interested or involved you are in the conversation is determined by the amount of eye contact you use. Eye contact is an essential part of someone’s nonverbal communications, as well as their social behavior. The amount of eye contact you use can also be received as respect, confidence and social communication; which makes it very important to think of that in some cultures, eye contact can mean different things. In some cultures, maintaining eye contact can be a form or disrespect, versus in North America, eye contact is a viewed as honesty.

2) Facial Expression: The human face is an essential part when it comes to expressing nonverbal communication. You face acts as a window into your mind; it expresses countless emotions
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